Code of Conduct

The Potomac Tea & Knife Society is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment at the 2018 World Diplomacy Championships for all players, volunteers, and friends associated with our event.  We expect everyone to behave in the spirit of this goal.  At the same time, players should be prepared to endure some level of impoliteness or even meanness.  This is Diplomacy, after all.

We recognize that Diplomacy is an emotional game.  Tensions may run high and betrayal is all but inevitable.  At Tempest in a Teapot XX we have invited players from all over the country and the world to play Diplomacy at our event, and many bring with them slightly different gaming cultures and norms.

Every player attending this event has made some sacrifice to personal, business, and public life to be here.  We come to play a game, to pit our Diplomacy skills against our peers and to build the friendships that have perpetuated this hobby across three generations

In order to make this event an enjoyable experience for everyone, please observe the following:

  1. Don’t be a jerk.  Players are expected to treat all other players well and with respect – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or ability to play Diplomacy.
  2. Specifically, harassment is unacceptable.  This includes threats of violence, unwanted sexual advances, or any continued harassing behavior after reasonable requests to cease.

If you witness or are subjected to behavior that violates this code or threatens your safety at any point during this event, please contact Peter Yeargin or Chris Martin.  If you cannot find them, they can be reached via cell (to be published at event) 24 hours a day.  Unless told otherwise, Peter & Chris will assume anything reported is strictly confidential.

Peter Yeargin or Chris Martin will mediate the situation in good faith and take whatever action they deem best to resolve the situation.  This could include pausing an ongoing game, censuring offending players, or even requiring offending players to leave the event.

In addition, we suggest that:

  1. Players strive to leave negative experiences at the table and avoid bringing them into the social arena or into another game
  2. Players, especially hobby leaders and high profile players, strive to be role models for newer or younger players

This Code of Conduct applies throughout the entire duration of The 2018 World Diplomacy Championships, on and off the board, within the convention space and outside of it.  As a community we all have an interest in making sure every participant feels safe, welcome, and is treated fairly while at this Diplomacy event.


A final note to enterprising Diplomacy players: Any attempts to abuse of this Code of Conduct in order to advance your position on a board or in the tournament will be dealt with extremely publicly.