WDC 2018

Tempest in a Teapot XX

World Diplomacy Championships 2018

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The PTKS welcomes the world to Washington DC October 5-7th

The 20th edition of the Potomac Tea & Knife Society’s annual face to face Diplomacy tournament, Tempest in a Teapot, will take place October 5-7th 2018.

Where to go
Tempest XX will be held at the Connecticut Avenue Hilton, located at 1919 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009 MD 20910.

How to get there
For those driving, location can be found here on Google Maps.  Metro works as well and the closest option is the Dupont Circle Red Line stop.  It’s only about 10 minute walk to the hotel.

How much

$60 for registration before August 5

$70 for registration before September 5

$80 for registration at the door

Paid-up PTKSers get a $15 discount

Students pay half-price

Registration will open soon for both the tournament and for the discounted club dues rate.  If you’re already a paying member, please let us know via e-mail or on the Spark room, and we can mark you down for discount at the door or refund you the difference via paypal.

When to play

Round 1: Board call 9:00 am on Friday, Oct 5th.
Round 2: Board call 5:30 pm on Friday, Oct 5th.
Round 3: Board call 9:00 am on on Saturday, Oct 6th
Round 4: Board call 5:30 pm on Saturday, Oct 6th.
Round 5: Board call 9:00 am on Sunday, Oct 7th.

How the tournament will work
Players will participate in up to three of the four preliminary rounds. The players with the top seven scores will participate in a Top Board in round five to determine the 2018 World Champion of Diplomacy.  See the “Tournament Details” section for a complete breakdown of the scoring system.

What you don’t know can hurt you
Email td@ptks.org with any questions.